What Footwear Should you be Wearing on the Golf Course?

30th November 2021

Golf shoes most definitely get a workout in Autumn and Winter or if you live in the UK, probably all year round! They are a key part of a golfer's wardrobe - there is nothing worse than getting half way round the course and you have cold and wet feet. To ensure you remain comfortable, dry and even better your golfing action; it's essential you do some research as to not make any compromises on your footwear.

Traditionally, in the winter months, golfers would switch their footwear to cleated or spiked shoes however with the advancement of technology, golfers are now able to wear spikeless shoes all year round. At Scratch72 we have a large selection of spikeless shoes, from brands such as Adidas, Footjoy and Nike. They offer a variety of colours, styles and even the promise of being waterproof.Playing a round of golf in the snow probably isn’t high on your agenda but it’s highly possible that you’ll be hit with some unpleasant weather during your round. Ensuring you have waterproof shoes is one thing, however brands such as Skechers, Footjoy and Adidas have brought out a range of golf boots which are perfect for muddy and frosty terrain - having the traction to cope with slippery and wet courses. There was some concern about the styling when they were first released however they have proven very popular and as an added bonus they are very easy to clean, sadly the same can’t be said for regular golf shoes.At Scratch 72, our choice of golf shoe has never been more varied than it is now. On the whole, designs have become lighter and more comfortable than ever before, with a number of technologies and design aspects now offering you features like increased stability, indoor versatility and of course, plenty of style.

All purchases made online through the Scratch72 website come with free UK mainland delivery and with a 60 day returns policy. With new products and brands being launched frequently, you can earn loyalty points with any order on the Scratch72 website which can be redeemed for money off future purchases. We are now working with Klarna to bring you flexible payment options at checkout. Whether you want to buy now, pay later or pay at your own pace - the choice is yours. Get what you love with Klarna!

Whether you are looking to purchase some fantastic new footwear or something else, our team here at Scratch72 are here to help and ensure that you look and feel your best during your next round. To keep up to date with the latest stock drops from the leading brands in golf, make sure to sign up to our newsletter.

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